Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon Bottle

Color: Pale banana

Aroma: Tart, bottled lemon juice. One note but clearly lemon.

Flavor: Medium sized bubbles. Concentrated through the early to mid-palate in good number.

Lots of lemon early, becoming more clearly lemon curd mid-palate with a hint of custard. Very mild quinine late. It’s more of a counterpoint than it is the focal piece.

Finish: Lemon curd and moderate sweetness. Fairly long lasting.

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon and Gin

Mixed with Harahorn Pink Gin, jammy strawberry and only mildly sweet lemon curd. It’s quite a nice balance between the two with Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon acting as an ideal counterpoint.

Highly recommended as a pair with a sweet gin such as a pink gin.

But more generally, the bitter lemon is a beautiful and balanced counterpoint to almost any gin. Where it might rise above others in the category is it ability to work well with even sweet and boldly flavored gins. Behind the bar, it is easily among the best tasting on its own— and with a wide array of gins. Any bar program looking for a bitter lemon to work with would be wise to explore Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon.

Overall, Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon

Slightly sweet, moderately bitter and overall balanced— Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon is at the top of the game in a very niche category. If you’re a fan of bitter lemon, or a bar who wants to keep an option on hand— this is perhaps the best I’ve had.

Highly recommended in its category.

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