GlacierFire Indian Tonic Water

We’ve reviewed a few tonics from the Icelandic GlacierFire Tonic company before. GlacierFire Indian Tonic Water is their most classic and traditional offering.

If you’re unfamiliar with GlacierFire, their concept is based around clean Icelandic water and very low calorie tonic waters. For example, GlacierFire Indian Tonic Water comes in at a scant 2 calories per 330 mL. It is sweetened with sucralose.

Tasting Notes

Poured from the bottle, there is only a subtle citrus hint. It’s very quiet.

Sipped, the sucralose is rather intense, almost to being a bit cloying. The quinine level is surprisingly balanced though. Though the product says “high quinine” (actual number not available), the flavor is an average amount. Which I think it a strong asset of GlacierFire Indian Tonic Water; however, when I see the words “high quinine” I expect something else.

Gin and Tonic

I tried GlacierFire Indian Tonic Water with Askur Gin (also from Iceland). Juniper at the fore with a balanced and pleasant quinine flavor. The quinine doesn’t last long, but it does add a touch of bitterness on the finish.

Overall, GlacierFire Indian Tonic Water

While sucralose as a sweetener is among my least favorite, I know it has a lot of fans in the gin and tonic community. Of all of the offerings in GlacierFire’s low calorie lineup, the Indian Tonic is the most successful.

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