Freeway Tonic Water

Freeway Tonic Water

Freeway Tonic Water is the store brand for the Lidl chain of supermarkets. I found this one while I was staying in Helsinki.

Technically, the first thing that surprises me is that the sweetener is sugar. You rarely see that stateside, especially with some of the more inexpensive tonics. Secondly, this is incredibly inexpensive. I bought a can of this for about .30 €.

Tasting Notes

The nose was clean, with a faint hint of lemon. Sipping on its own, the bubbles are large and fairly long lasting. Pleasant hint of citrus, but somewhat lacking overall in bitterness. The quinine bite on the finish is very subtle and very understated.

I found Freeway Tonic Water to be clean, simple, crisp and refreshing. It lacks some of the nuance and the bubble texture that premium tonic brands have; however, once mixed with gin I found it to be pretty solid. It let the gin shine through. Though the bitterness was weak, Freeway Tonic Water is a solid “okay” for the price.

[And if you don’t believe me and want a second opinion, a kid on YouTube beat me to the review.]

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