Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water

Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water

Fever Tree continues to aggressively expand their flavored tonic water line. Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water launched in both Europe and the United States in 2019. It is included as part of their “refreshingly light” line of tonic waters.

Similar to some of their other offerings, Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water is sweetened with Fructose. Cucumber is paired with lemon (and quinine) as part of the flavoring.

Tasting Notes

It has a nice tight effervescence, especially at first sip. Though I find the bubbles to be slightly less tenacious than others in the Fever Tree lineup.

The cucumber note is incredibly strong here. It tastes like a fresh cucumber slice set in a glass of water. It’s clean and mildly sweet. It’s really the best flavor one can think about getting from cucumber. In terms of character, it’s more vivid: think Martin Miler’s Gin more than Hendrick’s. Though it would pair excellently with both.

A slight citrus note adds depth and keeps the cucumber from being too vegetal. The bitterness in Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water is very subtle and very mild.

Overall, Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water

Fever Tree is one of the most consistent creators of flavored tonic waters on the market today. Their Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water is cucumber and tonic perfected. It is slightly sweet, low in calories, and true to the best imaginable expression of the name on the can. The critique that could be made of this is that it may not have enough bitterness and is light on the quinine/tonic water part. However, that shouldn’t deter gin fans for seeking it out.

The cucumber pairs best with classic style gins; however, since nearly no gin pulls off the cucumber note similar to Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water, you don’t run the risk of clashing. Secondly, this just cements what gins like Hendrick’s and Miller’s have known for nearly two decades.

Juniper + Cucumber = Love.

Highly Recommended. 

Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water is available from Amazon.

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