Endeavour Tonic Water

Endavor Tonic Water

Endeavour Tonic Water is a store brand tonic water found in New Zealand produced by NZ Drinks Ltd.

It is named for the HMS Endavour, the ship on which Europeans first saw New Zealand’s coast line.

Calorie-wise Endeavour Tonic Water is 90 calories for a 250 mL serving.

Tasting Notes

There’s a pleasant effervescence early with a fair amount of bubbles. The palate is clean and only moderately sweet.

The bitterness on the finish is also restrained and somewhat mild, with only a very subtle citric background tang.

Overall, Endeavour Tonic Water

I’m really quite surprised by this tonic water. For the price and quantity, it’s among the best balanced I’ve had in a plastic container. Whereas other big names like Schweppes, Canada Dry or even regional ones like Polar tend to be big on sweetness to the point of cloying, Endeavor is sweet without being too sweet.

Furthermore, the quinine note is lovely and lacks the metallic tang of some supermarket tonics.

The grade for Endeavour Tonic Water should be considered on a curve.  I do not prefer it to craft tonic waters like Boylan’s or Fever Tree. But I do prefer it to pretty much everything else I’ve had in this format.

Highly Recommended in its price range.

Endeavor Tonic Water is available at Countdown supermarkets for about 2 NZD / 1.5 L. 

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  1. I can’t find Endeavour Tonic in supermarkets anymore and it was certainly my preferred choice