Polar Tonic Water

As if the Tonic Water party hasn’t gone on long enough, I have yet another plastic bottle tonic to review.

Polar is a sweeter, high fructose corn syrup tonic that occupies that middle ground as a safe tonic water stocked in most supermarkets. It’s not as low as you can go, and it’s not the best you can get. But it will get the job done.

I think it is the most subtle of the big 3 supermarket brands (Canada Dry and Schweppes being the other 2 and therefore, it might be hit or miss on most people’s palette. It’s not the most mainstream of them and therefore not likely the one you’d pick for a party, but it’s also not the most strongly quinine one and therefore less likely to appeal to the gin and tonic purist.

So where does it sit? Well, squarely in the middle. If you’ve ever had a tonic before, you’ll pretty much know what Polar has to offer. I don’t think I can say anything more on it.

Thought: I wonder if I did a taste test if I could actually tell the difference between the 3 supermarket tonics? Experiment time?

Price: $1.49-$1.69 / L
Best consumed: In any gin and tonic
Website: http://www.polarbev.com/
Availability: Any major supermarket that has a store brand
Rating: A middle of the road bottle you can find most anywhere

P.S. They also make Lime Tonic water.
P.S.S. Polar Tonic is also available at Amazon.