Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water

On the palate, Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water has a delightful and robust effervescence. The bubbles last for a nice time on the palate and dissipate slowly when poured.

It has a slightly spicy aroma. Hints of cinnamon and spiced orange dance from the glass on its own. Sipped, there’s a good amount of citrus on the mid-palate. Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water has a mild and relatively short quinine/bitterness. The longest lasting flavor from Double Dutch here are those spice notes.

Notes of lemongrass, sweet cinnamon bark and lemon rind linger. They ring, as if the dying echoes of a distant shout. Or the last vibrations of a distant car with the subwoofer turned up all the way. On its own Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water is a nice soda.

I mixed the Indian Tonic with Old Young’s Common Gin— an assertive juniper forward, 58.8% ABV gin. I found it to be quite pleasant. There was a hint of spice to the finish that wasn’t there when the gin was sipped on its own. I found the bitterness on the finish to be more present— oddly— when mixed with gin than when I sipped Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water on its own.

Overall, it’s really quite pleasant. The whole line of Double Dutch Tonics are well made mixers worth seeking out. Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water is no different.

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