Tanqueray and Tonic

A gin and tonic so iconic, that the phrase itself seems almost a cliche. “Tanqueray and Tonic.” One of three canned cocktail launches from Tanqueray, it marks a strong entry point for the esteemed Tanqueray London Dry Gin.

Canned at 5.9% ABV per 355 mL can, it features 11g/ sugar per serving.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Lovely, crisp juniper and pine jump forth when you crack the can. Classic.

Flavor: Good level of carbonation, especially early on the tip of the tongue. Green Juniper and angelica early— true to its source material— segue into a clean juniper back half with some hints of spice.

The sweetness is mild. While most pronounced on the finish, it never comes across as cloying. Compared to Q Tonic, which boasts 38 calories and 11 g of sugar in 8 oz. Tanqueray and Tonic has those same 11 g in 12 oz. In other words, it’s going to be less sweet than a mainstream tonic water that ranks as among the less sweet.

The bitterness is also mild, for a gin and tonic. Towards the back a clean and restrained hint of quinine gives Tanqueray and Tonic that tonic note. But again, when compared to most tonic waters on the market— this is less bitter.

Overall, Tanqueray and Tonic

Across several metrics, Tanqueray’s canned gin ans tonic is one of the more successful and “on trend” canned cocktails I’ve tried. Less sweet, less bitter, very juniper forward— Sipped from a can on its own, Tanqueray and Tonic is one of the most successful just “gin and tonic” canned cocktails available on the American market today.

Highly recommended as a canned gin and tonic.