Peach Finnish Long Drink

The Long Drink Company brought production of the famous Finnish Long Drink to the United States. First created in 1952 for the Helsinki Olympics, the drink has something of a cult following. The combination of gin, grapefruit and soda has seen a flurry of interest in recent years stateside, in no small part because of the Long Drink Company.

The Peach Finnish Long Drink is a step outside of tradition. It’s part of their seasonal variety pack and is described as “gin with natural peach and juniper berry flavors.” It is 5.5% ABV and colored with carrot juice.

Tasting notes

Color: Opaque cantaloupe in hue. Attractive and suggestive of peaches.

Aroma: Vivid candied peach on the nose. Reminiscent of Peachy O’s candies.

Flavor: Candied peach throughout, but not as strong as the nose suggests. Peach flavor is complemented by some hints of strawberry juice and juniper berries.

The juniper flavor does add a nice balance as a counterpoint to the peach flavor; however, it’s not the focal point. The Peach Finnish Long Drink is peach first, and everything else second.

Moderately sweet with a crispness towards the end.

Finish: Moderate length and crisp, with a mild volume peach candy and melon note.

Overall, Peach Finnish Long Drink

Mostly an alcoholic peach soda, the Peach Finnish Long Drink is crisp and refreshing even as it steps a long ways outside the normal flavors of the Finnish Long Drink.

As a gin drink— or even as a Long Drink— it will likely leave fans of both wanting. However, as long as you’re going in looking for an easy-to-drink peach flavored summer tipple, it’s a solid option. It just may not be something I would describe as a Long Drink.