Hartwall Original Long Drink

Hartwall Original Long Drink This is the Original Finnish Long Drink, produced by Hartwall for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

Tasting Notes

White grapefruit flesh on the nose. Very literal and truer to the fruit than I would have expected. There is a bit of an artificiality beneath it though, with some hints of Squirt and Fresca soda.

The palate is much less sweet than I expected. Acidic grapefruit early, with gin notes coming on most strongly mid-palate. Crisp juniper and citrus depth.  Hartwall Original Long Drink’s finish is a return to form. Heavy grapefruit notes predominate, but with a gentle crisp and gently dry finish. There’s no bitterness here, but it does have a certain crispness that calls to mind a Gin and Tonic.


I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about the Finnish Long Drink. But after trying a couple, Hartwall Original Long Drink is my favorite of the bunch. Not simply because it’s the original (though it does have that). I prefer it because it’s less sweet than others and the mid-palate gin note is quite nice. Grapefruit makes a nice companion to gin, and Hartwall Original Long Drink is worth seeking out when you’re in Finland or any other country that has it.

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