Gordon’s Dry Martini Cocktail

The Gordon’s Gin, pre-bottled Gordon’s Dry Martini Cocktail has been seemingly passed over in this RTD craze. One of the longest, continuously sold— it dates back to the 1940’s. Further, it is bottled at 37.5% ABV in the European market, it’s the same ABV as their flagship gin in those markets. It remains relatively uncelebrated, despite it’s longevity and consistent (albeit small) following.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Quiet, with Vermouth dominating. Subtle herbal presence with a hint of juniper.

Flavor: Sipped, juniper and coriander shine from the gin. Mid-palate, slight hints of sage, camphor, licorice and nutty fennel.

Finish: Moderate length with mild heat. Licorice with subtle hints of camphor lend it a long, gently warm finish.

Gordon’s Dry Martini Cocktail is clearly recognizable as both a Martini and as containing Gordon’s Gin.

Overall, Gordon’s Dry Martini Cocktail

A solid, classic cocktail offering from an established brand. While unlikely to win any awards for innovation, Gordon’s Dry Martini Cocktail is a good— but not great— ready-to-drink Martini.