G&J Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin and Tonic

Esteemed Gin brand Greenall’s has a line of RTD gin and tonics which feature their flagship gin and assorted other flavorings, such as lemon or blueberry. Their Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin and Tonic is 6% ABV with raspberry and blackberry flavorings.

While it features real fruit juice, it also features artificial colors and sweeteners.

Tasting notes

Color: It has a transparent fuchsia hue to it. Almost a pastel neon color.

Aroma: Raspberry preserves leap from the glass. It’s intensely and vividly berry.

Flavor: Early, blackberry and raspberry jam. It has a very sweet and candy like entry. Mid-palate there’s hints of lemon and some juniper. It’s not distinctive enough that one would be likely to recognize the source gin. However, there are hints of gin in here.

Finish: Slightly tart with a moderate bitterness and metallic after taste, likely owing to the choice of sweetener. People with sensitivity to those flavors might find Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin and Tonic to be a bit intense in this specific regard.

Overall, Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin and Tonic

I’ve found the Greenall’s line of RTD’s to be very hit or miss. For me, this version misses not because of the candy-like nature of its main flavors, but instead because the unbalanced combination of quinine and sweetener amplifies each other’s less desirable qualities.

Fans of pink gins looking for an RTD gin and tonic might enjoy this one; however, overall Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin and Tonic is a bit rough around the edges.

If you’re looking for a berry flavored Greenall’s Gin and tonic, there’s still no better one than one you make yourself.