Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon

Esteemed and long running gin brand Greenall’s has several RTDs featuring their gin on the American market. Where Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon differs from others is that it is produced for and imported by Quintessential Brands.

Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon is a gin and soda— featuring Greenall’s Gin, Sicilian Lemon Juice and soda water. It is further enhanced with natural flavor and artificial colors. It is canned at 6% ABV.

Tasting notes

Color: Poured from the can, it has a murky, faint golden hue with brown facets. The color is somewhat unattractive; however, it is in an opaque white can, so most drinkers I might expect would never see the color.

Aroma: Exceptionally vivid citrus. Lemon zest and especially fresh lemon juice dominate. It’s all about the lemon.

Flavor: Quite clean and quite bright throughout. Crisp lemon soda hits the palate early. Later, the tangier side of citrus juice begins to emerge with some subtle hints of gin. Not only can you pick up some juniper, but some cassia and coriander comes through as well.

However, make no mistake— Sicilian Lemon is the star.

Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon still has a fair amount of sweetness to it. It replicates the natural sweetness of fresh citrus juice with only a slight amount of sourness. It’s a well executed balance.

Second, the choice of soda water as opposed to tonic makes it an apt choice for those who dislike bitterness in their gin drinks. I think the citrus and soda water allow the gin to shine. In some RTDs the tonic water can be a detriment at the lower ABVs and overpower the gin flavor.

Overall, Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon

It’s bright, it’s refreshing— Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon is ideal for a summer day. The bright lemon reminds me of a gin and lemonade.

While I can’t help but wonder, would Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon be superior at a higher ABV where more of the gin flavor shone through? Certainly. But as it is, as a 6%, canned cocktail perfect for all of those contexts where its impractical to bring your own bottle of gin and mix a drink— Greenall’s Sicilian Lemon is a winner.