Gina Tonic

Longmont, Colorado based Abbott & Wallace Distilling are the creators of Gina Tonic, an RTD gin and tonic that features their gin, blended with spruce tips, quinine, cinchona and fizz. It’s bottled at 7% ABV.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Earthy, juniper led with some dark terprey character.

Flavor: Thick, wet pine leads on the palate. Gina Tonic is quiet at first. Mid-palate, some hints of licorice and fennel appear behind some sage and green lavender.

Very restrained sweetness. It is far less sweet than most tonic waters, including low sugar ones like Fever Tree. It is also lighter in bitterness— I like the crispness of it.

Tight, small sized bubbles on the front of the palate— they have some good lasting power but dissipate before hitting the back of the throat.

Overall Gina Tonic

Moderately sweet, lightly bitter, Gina Tonic is an ideal RTD that leans only slightly towards the gin and soda side of the spectrum. If you don’t like tonic water, you might still like this.

I like how the spruce flavor elevates the gin like character in Gina Tonic— which could be slight at 7% ABV.

It’s an easy-to-drink, rather light gin and tonic. Some might want more juniper and more gin; however, at this strength Gina Tonic is a well balanced RTD that has appeal beyond the usual gin and tonic crowd.

Recommended in its category.