Tinkerman’s Citrus Supreme Gin

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Citrus Supreme Gin is one of three gins in A. Smith Bowman Distillery’s line of Tinkerman’s Gin. The tinkerer is the distillery’s master distiller Brian Prewitt.

The first thing you’ll notice about all of the gins in the Tinkerman’s line is the radical transparency on the label. It says right on the label: 100% American Grain, a majority of the botanical bill and fairly specific distillation notes that vary from release to release. Citrus Supreme uses both vapor infusion and maceration. Another thing I quite like is the way A. Smith Bowman is labeling the gins in their lineup. By choosing flavor profiles that easily resonate, there’s no mystery what you’re getting. Citrus Supreme Gin is citrus forward.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Citrus Supreme has a floral note in addition to plenty of bright citrus. Lemongrass, elderflower and lime zest take the top notes. Juniper hovers in the back. Citrus Supreme Gin expertly walks a line. It’s bold and bright with contemporary gin character, but also recognizable as a gin.

The palate is more unctuous with suggestions of rich, fresh citrus oils. Lemon zest, lime zest and coriander spice come on early. Mid-palate has stabby green juniper and darker, richer citrus oil notes— hints of Seville Orange and lime leaves. The finish then veers slightly towards round spice, piney juniper, and citrus pith.

There’s a pleasant journey on the palate of Tinkerman’s Citrus Supreme gin— though all parts of the journey are rife with citrus character.


Citrus Supreme Gin has a lot of potential for mixing— especially if you like your mixing gins heavy with citrus. It can be an upscale alternative to New Amsterdam, or a brighter and more zest-forward citrus alternative to Bluecoat.

It’s great in a Martini. Garnish with a lemon twist to really amplify the bright citrus, especially on the nose. Citrus Supreme Gin is equally at home in a Gin and Tonic. It has enough flavor to stand out when paired with tonic syrups or flavored tonic waters. However, I think it’s best simply prepared with Fever Tree Light (sans garnish).

Overall, Tinkerman’s Citrus Supreme Gin

A. Smith Bowman Distillery I think has their finger on the pulse of where American Gin is heading in 2019. The labeling is detailed with process details outlined in fairly good detail. The name conveys the flavor. And finally, it’s a good product. Tinkerman’s Citrus Supreme Gin might be one of the best citrus-forward gins I’ve had in some time.

Highly Recommended. 


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