Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin

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Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin was launched in 2014 with a botanical bill designed to celebrate Roman Culinary heritage, embodied by a series of botanicals that grow locally, nearby in the seven hills of Rome.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Pleasantly citrusy. Moderate intensity with notes of lemon and unripe orange. A touch of green juniper lends it some nice balance.

Flavor: Largely juniper forward and classic in profile, especially early. Green juniper with a subtle hint of bitter orange. The orange eases into a somewhat sour berry mid-palate. Hints of cranberry emerge from the blend of rose hips and pomegranate.

Finally, towards the back of the palate the most distinctive note of Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin emerges. Clear, crisp celery— it has a green character, more the culinary vegetable than celery seed. The green note lingers on the palate with some fading echoes of juniper.

Finish: Lightly warm with lingering celery and celery seed.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Try pairing Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin with other herbal spirits to bring out the green notes. Great in a Last Word or Alaska Cocktail. It works well in a range of other cocktails as well. The light heat, bold nose, and evolving palate make it a great Martini gin (recommended with olives).

Overall, Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin

Well balanced, Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin highlights juniper while adding distinctive touches that set it apart. While celery isn’t completely unique in gin, it’s a point of difference here that elevates the gin in a positive way.

One critique might be that the nose doesn’t match the palate. The sour berry and robust celery notes that dominate the flavor are mostly absent. The same can be said for the bright citrus on the nose— there’s precious little of that in the taste. Overall, it’s an enjoyable gin that straddles the line between contemporary and classic. Your opinion will likely come down to your feelings about the pomegranate and celery as botanicals.

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