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Regent Gin is produced by TerrePURE, a company that has made its name (especially in the world of whiskeys) rapidly stripping, refining, aging, purifying and flavoring spirits.

This gin is bottled at 46% ABV, distilled from grain and aside from the safe assumption it contains juniper— little else is publicly known about it. It is priced affordably and seems designed to be an affordable mixing gin.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Powerful at first with a strong ethanol aroma; juniper is present but amidst a medicinal haze.

Flavor: Citrus and lemon early, with an intensely hot mid-palate that suggests vanilla and cookie dough. There’s some hints of juniper buried in here. I was expecting something very classic and by the numbers; however, Regent Gin is something else altogether with a slight honeyed edge and melon notes.

Finish: Lots of raw spirit. Quick dissipating warmth with creamy wheat tinged vanilla notes.


I strongly recommend a mixing-first approach with Regent Gin. I don’t think it works well in a Martini. It’s serviceable in a Negroni, especially if paired with a fresh bold Vermouth.

But ultimately, I think it’s designed to be a mixer for gin and tonic, gin and lemonade and anything else you’d want to mix gin with. Mixed drinks obscure some of its rougher edges; however, none of the above deliver a juniper— or flavor otherwise— that strongly suggests gin.

Overall, Regent Gin

You don’t have to pay a lot to get a good gin.

Which is ultimately why Regent Gin disappoints me. I’m not sure where TerrePURE’s value add comes specifically into the Regent Gin production, but for me— the end result is disappointing at best.

Rough, somewhat harsh, and it doesn’t really come together at a gin.

Overall, I’d recommend you look elsewhere, even at the price point.

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