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Benromach Distillery is a famed Scotch producer. The distillery dates back to the end of the nineteenth century and is well known for its red doors. Hence the name Red Door Highland Gin.

Red Door Highland Gin is the first gin produced by the distillery in its history. It is a London Dry gin, distilled in a copper pot from a base of grain. They use a gin basket for the botanicals, which include a couple Scottish signatures alongside a fairly traditional heart of coriander, angelica and citrus.

And no— the gin itself is neither pink nor red. Only the bottle bears the striking color.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Classic to the core. Heavy notes of bitter, Seville oranges accompany angelica and piney juniper.

Flavor: Red Door Highland Gin wears the bitter orange boldly. At first— surprise! bitter orange. Juniper comes next with heady, unctuous angelica facets. Despite the heavy-handed juniper, it’s the angelica that steals the show.

Finish: Long and dry with ghostly impressions of licorice and honeysuckle.


Red Door Highland Gin is a flexible mixing gin behind the bar. It works well in nearly any traditional gin cocktail. The bitter orange notes come through boldly in a Negroni. They’re nicely complimented by a lemon twist in a Martini.

Further, while good with tonic water, might I suggest pairing it with Fever Tree’s Yuzu and lime soda. When mixed in a Gin and Soda, the bitter orange and dry finish carries some of the contrast you’d expect from quinine.

Overall, Red Door Highland Gin

This gin showcases the range that can exist in a juniper forward gin. While bitter orange and angelica notes shine, Red Door is classically juniper-forward. Further, it’s a versatile gin to have behind the bar.

Recommended in its category.


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