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The Pullman Distillery has one of the most unique tasting rooms I’ve ever seen. Try their gins and whiskeys in a refurbished 1881 train car. On one side, a barrel room. Inside, a bar serving drinks with Pullman Distillery’s spirits including their Alpine Gin. On the other side, the distillery. It seems incredible that you can be so close to both production and storage while sitting in a train out of another time.

Pullman Distillery Alpine Gin includes thirteen botanicals, including gunpowder tea, distilled on a base of grain and bottled at 47.5% ABV.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Floral and slightly herbal with a fair amount of lavender.

Flavor: Pullman Distillery Alpine Gin unfolds on the palate quite neatly, with at least three different distinct flavor phases. It’s a journey.

Early, lavender, with hints of oregano, jasmine green tea and pine blossoms. The floral/tea heart stays strong but the mid-palate evolves with more assertive and clear pine and fir notes. Hints of citrus in the background, while a peppery piquant finish begins to come through. Slightly woodier, the lavender becomes more assertive, along with hints of herbes de provence.

Finish: Fairly long with moderate astringency and a hint of bitterness. Long echo of lavender and linalool radiate long after the sip.

Cocktails and suggested serves

I found some of the best serves with Pullman Distillery Alpine Gin were ones that worked in synergy with the floral characteristics here. I tried it in an Aviation and was delighted with the way some of the candied violet notes gave the lavender a jammy, fruity profile.

If you’re a fan of floral gin and tonics, or something like elderflower tonic water, Pullman Distillery Alpine Gin brings that same character in the gin itself. It’s beautifully floral when mixed with a dry, less sweet tonic water.

Overall, Pullman Distillery Alpine Gin

Like an alpine meadow on an early summer day, Pullman Distillery Alpine Gin evokes that combination of delicate crisp scented air and the aroma of freshly budded evergreens in the distance. It tastes like there’s still snow on the ground in clearings and high mountain passes.

Evocative, floral and herbal— fans of contemporary gins will enjoy it; however, it might be too far from the London Dry standard-bearers for some.


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