Pomona Grapefruit Gin

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Pomona Grapefruit Gin of the Thinking Tree Spirits product line is a citrus heavy flavored gin. Inspired by the bountiful agricultural lands of the American Pacific Northwest, it features two kinds of citrus, along with a host of traditional gin botanicals.

The botanicals are soaked in neutral grain spirit for 48 hours before being re-distilled on a copper pot still.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Sweet grapefruit, with a slight hint of tangerine and orange, sits atop a crisp angelica.

Flavor: Heavy grapefruit throughout. Grapefruit and very subtle juniper notes early. Mid-palate is heavy sweet and tart grapefruit with some hints of lemon oil. Late, lemon and grapefruit merge together with some faint hints of spice. There’s a gentle pepperiness in the background suggestive of coriander and cubeb.

Finish: Moderately long with citrus rind and peppery juniper.


Pomona Grapefruit Gin is ideally suited as a grapefruit flavored mixing gin. It’s beautiful in the gin and tonic and gin and soda. It also pairs well with lemonade and limeade. In other words— it’s perfect for any drink, especially those with citrus, where you want to add a bit of grapefruit flavor.

The biggest critique of Pomona Grapefruit Gin might be that while it certainly has juniper when sipped on its own, mixed it’s often the grapefruit that dominates.

That being said, it’s a bright addition to a Negroni. Further, it’s delicious in a Tom Collins or White Lady.

Overall, Pomona Grapefruit Gin

True to its name, Pomona Grapefruit Gin is an excellent grapefruit flavored spirit. It’s rich and grapefruit forward throughout.

That being said, while juniper is present, it is secondary to the grapefruit. This is truly a flavored gin and one that is perhaps best recommended to fans of grapefruit. It’s also a great gateway gin for fans of citrus vodkas, especially grapefruit ones.


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