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Party Line Gin is produced by Alberta, Canada based Greenwood Distillers. It is distilled on a 200 liter pot still, with locally foraged botanicals— including Fireweed.

Fireweed (Chamaenerion angustifolium), also known by the names Willowherb and Bombweed grows widely in boreal forest undergrowth in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s also an opportunistic succession plant, which means it readily colonizes disturbed areas, such as those that experienced wildflower. It’s leaves are fermented to make a tea in some parts of the world.

Tasting notes

We are reviewing Batch 002.

Aroma: Piney with herbal facets and dewy floral undertones. It may well be the juniper that’s dominant, but it’s more boreal and reminiscent of pine needles. The yarrow adds herbaceous, honeyed floral undertones, suggestive of honeysuckle and dill. Complex, inviting, and hard to simply describe by aroma alone.

Taste: Pine-forward juniper throughout. Fresh orange zest comes through early. Mid-palate, fir notes with a touch of camphoraceous rosemary. Late, there’s some delicate hints of coriander spice, but it’s all enveloped in this floral, jasmonic haze.

Finish: Long and medium intensity. Light astringency, very delicate warmth. Soft mouthfeel throughout— with good balance.

Cocktail recommendations

Party Line Gin pairs well with herbal and floral ingredients that highlight some of its unique botanicals. Try Party Line Gin in a Southside (with fresh mint) or Julep style.

It has so much flavor, you might want to consider the gin and soda instead of a gin and tonic. While tonic does work well, the late bitterness nicely contrasting with the early notes— be wary of overpowering it with strong flavored tonics.

Overall, Party Line Gin

Party Line Gin is a nicely balanced gin that showcases its floral and herbaceous side, while remaining true to juniper and pine. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call Party Line Gin a classic style— fans of the style will find enough juniper situated within a novel, locally foraged set of botanicals to work well in a wide variety of applications.



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