Oslo Håndverksdestilleri Gin

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Oslo Håndverksdestilleri Gin features one of gin’s most important, but somewhat under-celebrated botanicals: Angelica root. They do so because Oslo Håndverksdestilleri is located in Norway and angelica is the only core botanical in gin that is native to Norway (and Scandinavia).

Tasting notes

Aroma: Heavy with angelica. Unctuous root with hints of licorice and a touch of vanilla. Juniper backbone, but somewhat waxy. It’s the angelica root that is the star, but it combines so well with juniper that you could be mistaken in thinking it’s only one or the other.

Flavor: Rooty, earthy angelica on the front of the palate, but quickly turns into a loud center that accentuates juniper, grains of paradise and coriander. It is rich with hints of pear and licorice root. The gin is somewhat spice forward with angelica at the fore.

Towards the back of the palate Oslo Håndverksdestilleri London Dry Gin has baking spice notes with heavy emphasis on the coriander and grains of paradise. It’s peppery, but mild in intensity.

Finish: Slightly peppery and medium in length. Light astringency with gentle pepper and juniper notes.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Oslo Håndverksdestilleri London Dry Gin is a solid gin that will mix behind the bar as any classic gin. It is an easy swap and replace, for a more angelica forward drink. Try it in a gin and tonic, Negroni or Dry Martini. Though it has citrus among its botanicals, they are quiet background notes when the gin is sipped on its own. It’s ideal for adding a twist in a Martini as you can do so without clashing with anything in the gin.

Overall, Oslo Håndverksdestilleri London Dry Gin

Beautiful and angelica-forward, Oslo Håndverksdestilleri London Dry Gin simply reads as a juniper forward gin in most uses. It’s flexible in cocktails and beautifully balanced on its own.

One of my favorite gins I’ve tried this year, it’s one that I recommend gin drinkers try when they’re in Norway if they have a chance.

Highly recommended.


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