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The Industrious Spirit Company is the first distillery in Providence, Rhode Island since prohibition. All of their spirits are distilled from scratch, including their Ornamental Gin— distilled from a base of organic corn. Fifteen botanicals, including a the somewhat unusual Passion Flower, make up its contemporary leaning botanical bill.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Somewhat nutty, with honeyed floral facets and hints of cascade hops.

Flavor: Complex, bright and quite loud. Floral notes create an almost fruity impression. Passion flower appears early, alongside lavender creating an impression of musky wisterias and honeysuckle.

The floral notes subside revealing a spicier, warmer back half. Earthy cassia gives Ornamental Gin a durable warmth; however the subtle, deep complexity evokes a wide range of flavors: simultaneously gentian root, star anise, almond and ginger.

Finish: Extremely long, mildly spice finish— echoes of galangal root buoy a faint licorice-led nuttiness. Ornamental Gin doesn’t easily disclose its secrets. Nearly any moment on the palate is an exercise in complexity, the flavor echoes multiple impressions, rarely ever clearly singing a single botanical.


Some of the complexity that makes Ornamental Gin a somewhat cerebral sipper make it a challenging cocktail gin— it will not work everywhere. While I think it makes a great Negroni, the complexity of the gin itself, fits right in with the complexities of Vermouth and Campari, it can be a bit discordant in bright citrus-forward drinks such as a Gimlet.

It pairs beautifully with Sweet Vermouth. Try it in a Martinez or a Bijou.

Overall, Ornamental Gin

Ornamental Gin is a complex and bold gin that straddles an interesting line in the world of gin— there are many floral gins; there are many spice-forward gins. There are few spice + floral gins.

Critics might find Ornamental Gin a bit too loud, able to overpower other ingredients in cocktails. Others may find it a bit lighter on juniper than they would like.

However, fans of contemporary gin— especially gins that boldly embrace new botanical profiles, will find a lot to like about Ornamental Gin.


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