Origin: The Netherlands w/ Botanicals

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Citrusy and earthy, surprisingly different. The materials that came with this gin described it as a “Coffee-rich Finish” and I quote them because I’m not sure I can come up with a better way of describing the way that the flavor feels. Its a bit like black coffee. Rich and earth, dark and lingering, slightly bitter but never overpowering. Again, the citrus really stands out among the botanicals which seems about part on course of the Origin gins, but this one is more assertive and although I found the juniper mellower in the “juniper only” batch than the Arezzo, it is much more assertive in the final product than the Arezzo. Smooth and with a fair amount of heat once again, the flavors calling to mind an almost yeasty, bread-like flavor, with smokey woody notes, this is quite an interesting gin here. Gin purists will appreciate the juniper forward manifestation here, but those who are in search of something a bit more balanced might complain that the juniper is too “vegetative” or “dark” in here.


Price: £34.95 / 700 mL
United Kingdom
Juniper Terroir: Meppel, Netherlands
Best consumed:
 Gin and Tonic strikes me as the perfect counterpoint here to compliment the robust juniper forward character of both gins. This could make a nice martini too. 
Availability: Master of Malt online.
Rating: Good gins on their own merit, experiment aside. Again, like most in the Origins series, these aren’t really for everyone, but that’s okay. For gin lovers, this one is robust, full bodied and interesting and worth coming back to. [Rating:3.5/5]



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