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If straight up, ordinary borovička wasn’t enough for you? How about flavored Borovička? Old Herold Koniferum Borovička brusnica is a cranberry flavored borovička made by the Old Herold Distillery that has been in operation since the 1860’s.

Additionally, Old Herold Koniferum Borovička brusnica is sweetened with sugar and something which translates as “natural jelly aroma.”

Old Herold makes a whole line of flavored Borovicka under the Koniferum brand include grapefruit and lime.

Tasting Notes

Sweet honeycrisp apple on the nose, borovička brusnica has a very clearly defined fruity aroma.

The apple seems to open up, revealing a melange of sweets and candies. Peachy Gummy rings, rose water, and a hint of blue raspberry. I don’t get much cranberry.

Old Herold Koniferum Borovička brusnica has a pleasant pine note at first, with only slightly sweet and moderately tart cranberry coming later.

After the nose, I’m quite surprised. The palate has more balance than I would have expected. While the nose suggested all manner of confectionary, borovička brusnica tastes like pine and cranberry.

The borovička is warm at first with a moderate gin-like note. I detect a hint of citrus and orange as well.

Mid-palate the cranberry comes on. It’s a bit sweet, but not cloying. Also, the flavor is recognizable a bit as a combination of cranberry and artificial raspberry flavor.

The finish is moderately long with a fair deal of tartness. Borovička brusnica lingers rather pleasantly with a modicum of warmth.


For a flavored Borovička, Old Herold’s cranberry borovička isn’t bad.

On the positive side, Old Herold Koniferum Borovička brusnica has an inviting nose that would appeal to fans of flavored vodkas or contemporary style gins. It’s also smooth and rather easy to sip.

On the down side, I found some of the flavor to read to me as artificial and fake. I would have liked to have tasted real cranberry and some of the associated tartness.

But for the price, Old Herold Koniferum Borovička brusnica is an alright cranberry flavored spirit that may have appeal beyond usual Borovička drinkers.

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Since 2010, David T. Smith U.K. based gin writer— creator of Summer Fruit Cup and author behind 2018’s Tales of the Cocktail nominated Gin Tonica— has been sharing samples of spirits that I can’t obtain stateside.

Thanks to him for this sample!

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