Nº Zero London Dry Gin

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With the focus seemingly on making this one drink— and making it well— gin distillers in Spain have set their sights on making a great gin which compliments tonic water. But Nº Zero London Dry Gin doesn’t stop there. It aims to provide “premium” gin at a lower price point than other brands.

But perhaps most unusual about Nº Zero London Dry Gin was that it was light years ahead of the trend of using quinine as a botanical. Whereas brands like 1897 Quinine Gin and even Hendrick’s with their Orbium Gin are now experimenting with the core ingredient of tonic water. Nº Zero London Dry Gin was doing it in the early 2010’s.

Tasting Notes

The nose of Nº Zero London Dry Gin reminds me of the nose of Creme De Violette. Wildly heavy on the violet aroma.

The taste is smooth and mild. Floral at first, Nº Zero London Dry Gin leads with lavender and iris. A warm earthy middle comes on, with cassia on the edges and a faint but distinct note of juniper.

The finish is long, but not particularly flavorful. The floral and earthy notes quickly depart leaving a long final note of quinine. Just like tonic water, with a mildly spicy, palate cleansing bitterness.


Well wouldn’t you figure this is just a perfect gin for Aviation? I think it works. though in anything other than a gin and tonic you’re going to want to be cautious about how that final bitter quinine note performs. Despite the smooth taste and floral profile, that final note makes it somewhat dependent on whether or not you enjoy tonic water. Because that note never quite goes away when mixed.

Overall, Nº Zero London Dry Gin

Nº Zero London Dry Gin is an exceptional gin for gin and tonics due to the added quinine lift.

But overall, the quinine note does kind of dominate at points and that may limit its utility behind the bar. Gin doesn’t usually have that bitter note.


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