Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin

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Distiller Ben Green’s Pit Bull rescue is named Mr. Pickles— he is the “goodest boy” that appears on the bottle.

Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin is vapor distilled with twelve total botanicals (including juniper) on a base of locally sourced soft, white, winter wheat.

Tasting notes

Color: Perfectly clear

Aroma: Gently herbal with some citrusy facets. Clover, gentle lime zest, angelica root and peppery cubeb. There is a delicate meadow vibe to the aroma that is inviting and quite nice.

Flavor: Sipped, far more orange comes through. Early, some orange and lime. Mid-palate some piney juniper with creamy hay and grass notes adding some herbal, spring meadow character. Later, a bit more spice comes through— cubeb is the dominant note, but there is some green tea and coriander around the edges.

Finish: A ghostly hint of orris root hovers with a fruity/floral flavor, as well as some citrus oil. The texture of the base spirit is quite nice throughout. Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin has very little heat, warmth or astringency.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Though a bit on the contemporary side, Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin shows well in a wide range of classic gin cocktails. Slightly herbal, it’s juniper and citrus take center stage in a gin and tonic. I think this gin has enough bold flavor on its own to shine in a gin and soda, maybe with a touch of fresh lemon.

Behind the bar, I think this is a pretty flexible gin. Some of my favorites include drinks with fresh citrus. Try it in a Tom Collins or Gimlet.

Overall, Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin

This gin is nicely balanced. The base spirit is of a high quality and the flavors of the botanicals work together nicely. Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin mixes nicely in a wide range of classic gin cocktails, while remaining steadfast in its distinct, unique flavor profile.

There may be some who find this gin a bit light in juniper; however, I think that’s missing the point. The aroma and flavors of the American Pacific Northwest (plus an orange or two) are present and complementary to the juniper. Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin is a contemporary gin— but also a balanced one.



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