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The botanicals in Moonshot Gin were sent 20 kilometers into the Stratosphere*. However, the real Moonshot in Moonshot Gin is that the botanicals were also distilled in the presence of a piece of lunar meteorite. Amazingly, that does mean that in fact, each batch of Moonshot Gin likely has some molecules in it that came in contact with a rock that was once actually on the moon. This is the first gin, in my estimation, that can legitimately claim an ingredient from somewhere other than earth**.

Tasting Notes

Lovely notes of boreal juniper alongside bitter orange rind and a hefty hit of cubeb and black pepper***.

Peppery at first with a whole lot of citrus notes mid-palate. Cubeb and Vietnamese cinnamon bark segue into a mid palate of heavy bitter orange, lemon and tangerine. The finish goes a bit more Earl Grey with its citrus, as spice— cardamom and cubeb— accompany a slight honeyed vanilla note of chamomile. The finish is slightly calciferous with a dryness reminiscent of chalk or slate****.


Though sadly to date there’s no tonic water that’s been sent into space, Moonshot Gin is quite nice in a Gin and Tonic. Despite its lofty provenance, I think that Moonshot works best as a mixing gin. It had enough flavor to work well in a Negroni as well.

Personally, I thought that the botanical profile made it best for cocktail use. Though certainly it’s a curiosity neat and a fun gin for any gin collector, Moonshot Gin is good— albeit a novelty— gin.

*Not quite space—  the Kármán line is another 80 km. away; nor quite the moon, which would require an additional 384,380 km.
** If you’re the kind of person to call me out and remind me that indeed all of the molecules in our bodies, our loved ones and every piece of matter we’ve ever interacted with— were all once stardust— my hat goes off to you. All of your gins must be out of this world.
*** If this is what the moon smells like, sign me up.
**** Sadly, I don’t think this is the moon rock I’m tasting here.

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