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Mojito Gin is based on the cocktail, and the official recipe for the Mojito is:

4 cl. White Cuban Rum
3 cl. Fresh squeezed lime juice
6 mint sprigs
2 tsp. white sugar

Muddle mint with sugar and lime juice. Add a splash of soda on top and fill with cracked ice. Pour the rum over the top with soda water. Garnish with mint and lemon straw.

Mojito Gin begins with a rum like base spirit of molasses like many rums, and predictably includes both lime and mint among its botanicals. I mean it’s almost as if That Boutique-y Gin Company just made a ready-to-drink southside cocktail— which the internet dubbed at the beginning of the gin renaissance, a “gin mojito.”

Mojito Gin was even designed with the help of a rum expert. Peter Holland of The Floating Rum Shack helped out.

Tasting Notes

Heavy peppermint right away on the nose. Absolutely clear as day. There’s a bit of juniper and angelica providing a gin like depth. It’s a much more balanced take on a mint-forward gin that either Baffert’s or Piping Rock. But Mojito Gin is not merely a mint-flavored gin. It’s a Mojito! Where’s that lime?

The palate is mint-led, but there’s juicy key lime (there it is!) in there as well as coriander and other traditional gin notes. The finish is long, cooling and heavily mentholic with a slight chewy licorice note underneath.


I recommend not embracing the literal. Sure you could make a Southside, but if that’s what you want, just sip Mojito Gin neat.

Try mixing it in an Alexander. It’s almost like a Gin Grasshopper with the creamy richness from the cream and the chocolate adding some nice contrast to the heavy mint.

Overall, Mojito Gin

Mojito Gin is truth in advertising. It is heavy on the mint. I’d like to see the lime play a stronger role. Mint is such a dominant botanical. Dialed down a touch, it might emerge more as a cocktail. Also I’d love to see a bit more of that base spirit come through. Absent is the sweetness and creaminess that a cane spirit can add to the picture.

It delivers on its promise, but I’d love to see Mojito Gin interpret the ingredients through the gin lens of balance.


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