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The Palm Springs Spirit Co. makes their Modern Love Gin with nine botanicals, four of which are citrus. Most of the botanicals are locally grown in the Coachella Valley (yup, that Coachella)— save the juniper which is sourced from Tuscany.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Brightly, vibrant citrus. Pink grapefruit, lemon and key lime. Slight hints of spice and coriander hover on the fringes. Modern Love Gin is vibrant and boldly citrus led, especially on the nose.

Flavor: A vibrant melange of juicy citrus explodes on the palate. Lemon dominates, but you’ll get hints of yuzu and tangerine as well. Mid-palate, blackberry and currants notes emerge, while juniper begins to peak out. Especially late on the palate, a rather resinous, clear juniper note gives it a more traditional finish.

Finish: Light and clean. Mild terpey juniper hovers on the back of the palate. Bottled at 45%, Modern Love Gin is not a light gin in terms of strength— but you could be easily mistaken if judging on a single sip. It’s quite easy to sip.


Modern Love Gin has a gorgeous mouthfeel that lends itself nicely to spirit-forward cocktails. 2021 has been a particularly good year for American distilled Martini gins. This one might be the top. I prefer a twist, but there’s something about this gin that pairs well with a bit of brine. Try it with an olive or even in a Gibson.

Mixed, it’s citrus side shows through. However, the citrus is multi-faceted and not simply reduced to a single botanical. That means some of its grapefruit and orange come out in a Tom Collins while the lemon comes to the fore in a Pegu Club Cocktail.

It’s a great gin and soda or gin an tonic gin as well. The citrus comes through in both.

Overall, Modern Love Gin

Beautiful, bold and well executed— Modern Love Gin is a gin that sings the praises of citrus while heeding its roots. It will likely appeal most strongly to fans of contemporary style gin; however, it’s versatility behind the bar and strong juniper closing make it a worthy purchase for anyone who likes gin.

Highly recommended.


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