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Mirari is a legendary oasis said to be set in the Great Sand Sea. A vast land of fruits, spices, water— all guarded by sacred peacocks. Mirari Celebration Gin is one of several gins in the Mirari line, all produced out of Johannesburg’s Time Anchor Distillery.

Head distiller, Shanna-Rae Wilby created her celebration gin for an obvious reason: “to celebrate.” It appears a celebration in the bottle with 23 carat gold flakes suspended within. Mirari Celebration Gin also further kicks up the impression of luxury with expensive botanicals like saffron and rich citrus like blood orange.

Tasting Notes

Mirari Celebration Gin has a balanced, leaning classic nose. Notes of citrus zest hover above, grapefruit and pine melding together a bit. Clear juniper presence is highlighted with a slight hint of spice and citrus pith.

Early on the palate, the citrus is up front. Grapefruit and orange gently sits on the tip of the tongue, with a sweetness that slowly becomes a bit more astringent, Mid-palate there’s angular juniper jumping from Mirari Celebration Gin. Licorice adds an earthy richness without ever becoming anise-like.

Later hints of angelica and flat swaths of white grapefruit pith and red grapefruit flesh bring the drinker into a long, warming finish.

Though the citrus adds a lot of color and might be the dominant descriptive character, juniper makes up the heart of a gold-flaked classic style gin.


Those mixing with Mirari Celebration Gin— especially bartenders— might be inclined to play up the gold flake element. Because of that, shaken cocktails that are nearly translucent are the best show-pieces. For example, a Shaken Martini or an Old School Aviation (that is, leave the creme de violette at home) are good options. Another one is something with effervescence. Though a Gin and Tonic is good, something like a French 75 provides a longer lift and a more luxurious presentation to suit the celebratory speaker.

Now certainly Mirari Celebration Gin makes other good cocktails. It’s nice in a Tom Collins or Negroni for that matter; however, I think the showy presentation of Mirari Celebration Gin demands consideration when mixing with it.

Overall, Mirari Celebration Gin

Mirari Celebration Gin is a well-made gin that straddles the line between contemporary and classic styles. While some people might dismiss the gold flakes as a showy contemporary gimmick, the spirit inside is one that would appeal to fans of classic style gins with citrus. Think Bluecoat or Beefeater.

Overall, although it’s only limited edition Mirari Celebration Gin is a gin worth seeking out if you’re able to pay the premium.



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