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Miles Gin is a gin produced by the Sazerac company and describes itself as “London Dry Gin with Natural Flavors.”

Launched in 2014, it appears that Miles’ Gin is licensed to be made at a number of distilleries, including Buffalo Trace, Majestic Distilling of Baltimore, Boston Brands from Maine, Barton in California and two Sazerac locations— one in New Hampshire and the other in Kentucky*.

But furthermore, another label was approved in 2016 that re-categorized Miles Gin as a “Gin Specialty.” I’ll quote from the TTB presentation what this means, “Generally, any class and/or type of distilled spirits that contains or are treated with flavoring and/or coloring materials and/or nonstandard blending or treating materials or processes.” **

Tasting Notes

Gentle pine and juniper on the nose. Sedate and very traditional with a hint of ethanol.

On the palate, harsh at first. There’s juniper with a pine-forward side, a lemon candy note and an astringent, drying finish.

The first thing you notice sipping Miles’ Gin neat is that it’s a bit of harshness and heat. The base spirit if thin and acerbic. Pine notes come on mid-palate, suggesting classic juniper. There’s a citrus note that follows in short order, but it’s a bit artificial in character. Suggestive of an accord lemon and lime skittles; MIles Gin has a bit of that fake citrus flavor.

Miles Gin is a bit sour and harsh on the finish. It’s very astringent and it dries out your palate quickly. Especially so for a 40% ABV gin.


Miles Gin is designed for heavy duty mixing and especially mixed drink. Stay clear of Martinis or other spirit forward cocktails.

As a well pour, Miles Gin makes an acceptable Gin and Tonic and can add a juniper note to a Gin and Juice. It’s acceptable as a heavy duty mixer, especially if the crowd if not picky about their gin.


If you pick up Miles Gin expecting a true London Dry Gin you’re going to be very disappointed. Miles is a sub par mixing gin with a harsh mouthfeel, fake citrus notes, that only barely ticks the baselines required for a gin to call itself a “gin with natural flavors.”

Which is a shame that Sazerac has put out such an underwhelming product at even this price point. You can spend only a couple more an upgrade significantly to a gin such as Gordon’s.

* Source, COLA Registry, ID: 14265001000052
** Source, 2017 TTB Webinar

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16 thoughts on “Miles’ Gin”

  1. I found it very drinkable, even neat. It taste like gin. Compared to Beefeaters or any other, it’s just a matter of taste and snob appeal.
    For the price of $6.99 for a 750ml bottle ( glass btw ) it is a good gin.

  2. With Hendricks as my 10 and Gordons at a 7…I give Miles a 5. For the price (4.99 in Des Moines, IA) and my love for Gin Tonics…I could not pass it up. Bought 9 bottles over the past three months (because my guests also love my gin and tonics). With three of the nine had difficult getting them open. The metal screw top would spin but not separate from the collar. Tried a knife first (bad idea). A hack saw second (took too long). And finally two pliers (safest and quickest).

  3. I enjoy my gin over rocks with a lime wedge, I fell in love with this gin immediately. My search to find a great tasting, 80 proof gin, has ended.

  4. I enjoy Miles gin on ice and it’s a nice tasting gin and its price works well for me being on a fixed income

  5. Tasted five times. The half star rating is too generous. Absolutely the worse spirit of any kind that I’ve ever had. Sazerac should be embarrassed for putting this out. Almost totally devoid of any flavor. It will only be used as a baste For chicken.

  6. I like gin and tonic with a squeeze of lime. Usually Tanqueray. I came across Miles and the price was right so I gave it a try. I’m not a big martini or straight gin drinker but I can say for a gin and tonic, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. It’s my new go to for G and Ts. My freinds like it and those I haven’t said anything to haven’t noticed a difference.

  7. I love Miles and diet coke with plenty of ice. I have shared my M/DC with numerous friends, most say they like it, but honestly, M/DC has not exploded, try it, the Diet Coke costs more the then the Milers, what do you have to lose….

  8. I don’t agree I find it much better straight than Gordon’s. Served it to you three chefs at a dinner party in a gin and tonic two of them pulled me aside and said it was the best gin and tonic they’ve ever had and wondered what kind of gin we used. I mean it’s not top shelf but as a bottom shelf, it’s pretty fine.

  9. I’m a bit of a gin snob if I’m going to be honest, I mean, I go so far as to add botanicals of my own when given what I consider bad gin because, waste not want not. That being said, I was getting some cheap vodka for our carboy bubbler today (hubs has apple wine and mead going for the hols) when I saw this Miles’ gin as I was going to check out and I was like “hey, why not” so I went back and snagged some tonic water. I feel this Gin is actually fairly decent as is for it’s price range, there was a bit of heat on the tongue after sip but the flavor wasn’t horrible and it was pretty smooth compared to some others that cost a bit more where you can’t really taste anything much.