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Cream Gin Bottle

It’s rather incredible the things that one can distill. Based on pre-distillation volumes, each bottle contains about a half cup of cream, but the end result is crystal clear.

Cream gin is the result of vacuum distillation with the cream as if an actual “botanical”. And as it’s distilled at low temperatures, it never is heated and therefore never burns or develops any burnt-milk notes.

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Tasting Notes

The nose is rather traditional. Coriander, juniper, orange and a heavy hit of rubbing alcohol. Expecting a bit more cream on the nose leaves me a bit more disappointed.

Texturally, the spirit feels slightly thicker; a tad more viscous on the palate than your usual gin. A hint of cream, a slight custard note lies beneath a subtle, but still very classic gin. Juniper, lemon zest, which gets a tad peppery as coriander and angelica comes on a bit later.


The finish is only a touch creamy again, more suggestive texturally than flavor-wise. Juniper and coriander again, with a touch of pine and coriander seed shell.

Diluted with a touch of cold water, or with an ice cube, I get a bit more cream texture on the palate. It seems to amplify the perceived viscosity, as well as that custard note, and some of the orange/lemon citrus notes. I dare say this is a gin that might well be improved when served chilled.


Mixing is where the cream angle more strongly asserts itself.  In a Gin and Tonic, you’re really beginning to taste the cream in here. The little bit of dilution really brings it out quite nicely. Still a good amount of juniper, but the creamy finish is amplified.


Classic style gin fans shouldn’t be put off by the name. It’s really a very traditional gin that tastes as if a classic London Dry with a little bit of added viscosity. Overall, while a fun experiment, it’s merely a good gin. The cream adds little to the palate and the flavor profile is simple and well executed, if a bit unadventurous.



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Readers' Reviews

3 thoughts on “Worship Street Whistling Shop Cream Gin

  • April 30, 2013by jellydonut

    Can I just say right now that this gin simply HAS to be tried in a Ramos Gin Fizz?

    This, and the milk spirit-based Irish gin are simply my holy grail for a Ramos. I have yet to try either.

  • May 8, 2013by AaronPost author

    If I had a full bottle I would have put it to the test in that drink. I agree, this and the Alexander seem like natural matches for this gin.

  • December 22, 2016by Lr

    Sounds delish! But I want to give our USA distillers the biz!

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