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Q1. Which of the following gins contain only one botanical?
a) Mascaró Gin 9
b) Bendistillery’s Crater Lake Gin
c) Chase’s Single Botanical Juniper Vodka
d) Origin Albania
e) All of the Above

The correct answer is e) All of the Above. Each of these spirits is technically a gin because they are juniper flavored, and each is rare (but not unique) among gins that they only feature the single botanical, the bare minimum necessary to be considered a gin.  Mascaró Gin 9 is a single botanical gin. 

Q2. True of False:  Mascaró has been around for over 70 years. 

The statement is true. Mascaró has been making spirits since 1946. Mascaró Gin 9 has been brought back to life only recently however, through the discovery of an old recipe which called for fresh picked juniper berries from the mountains outside Vilafranca

Q3. How would you describe the aroma and flavor profile of Mascaró Gin 9?
a) Lots of juniper on the nose, piney and clear with some citrusy hints underneath, which make you think there could be a dash of something else in here.
b) Juniper up front, largely pine-note accentuated, it fades quickly however, leaving a mid-palate where there’s a lot of quiet.
c) Finish is medium in length, with plenty of residual warmth, and a modicum of juniper and white peppercorn. Creamy finish.
d) All of the above

The correct answer is d) All of the Above. While it delivers on executing a pure expression of juniper, the juniper doesn’t seem to fill the palate from start to finish. It seems to start and stop before coming on late. I think it’s interesting and is truly a treat for juniper lovers, but for those looking for the complexity and aromatic balance of a gin, they might be left a bit wanting. 

Q4. What might you recommend this in?
a) Gin and Tonic
b) Negroni
c) Neat
d) Both a and b.

The correct answer is d) Both a and b. I think it adds a delightful juniper note to cocktails and mixed drinks, and I think mixed drinks like the Gin and Tonic, in particular mask the disjointed and incomplete parts of the taste. On its own, it feels a bit wanting, but as a mixer, it works quite well— and I certainly suggest the Negroni in this case. 

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