Long Table Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin

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The distillers at Long Table Distillery take their classic London Dry Gin and age it in 30L oak barrels, formerly used to hold Bourbon. Long Table Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin is a limited edition spirit, with a pleasing goldenrod hue to it. It. Alike their other gins, this one rests on a foundation of botanicals from wild and other sources around the world, and has been distilled on their 300 L copper pot still.

Tasting Notes

Lemon and white grapefruit zest on the nose, with buttery, wood laden notes just underneath. Cinnamon toast notes of butter, cinnamon sugar and even caramel. Really melds some of the olfactory character of both bourbon and gin. A lot to like here.

Long Table Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin has a nice viscosity, and the aromatic character evolves steadily and gently on the palate. There’s also a heaviness to it that’s quite nice. Twisted lemon zests, crisp oak, flaky pastry and silky vanilla notes. Pine-laden juniper comes on toward the finish along with a touch of fennel. The finish is medium in length with a nice warmth, accompanied by a late hint of mintiness and anethole.

Quite nice on its own, it shows a lot of promise as a mixer— in particular in a Barrel Aged Gin Old Fashioned. Long Table Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin seems a good aged gin, and one that we’d be excited to try a full bottle of at some point in the future.


Long Table Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin is well-balanced aged gin with a delightful inviting nose and a smooth, wood-laden, botanically-bright palate.


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3 thoughts on “Long Table Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin”

  1. I had the pleasure of finding Long Table gin at the Four Seasons hotel bar in Vancouver. A superb gin, with soft aromatics and botanicals that don’t overwhelm. highly recommended.

  2. Sadly, I think it’s only available on the Canadian West Coast right now. Short of a vacation to there, I’m not sure there’s any place stateside that has it. Check out the more local Corsair Barrel Aged. Pretty good as well, and likely available in your area.