Liverpool Dry Gin

Flavor Profile

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Liverpool Dry Gin features a relatively classic botanical bill, including staples like angelica, coriander and citrus. The gin features hand-picked juniper berries as well and is produced at the Liverpool Gin Distillery.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Classic and straightforward juniper led nose with a slight hint of lemon and citrus around the edges.

Flavor: The palate is still juniper led; however, the other botanicals come through. Coriander and a hint of cardamom come on mid-palate, while green juniper eases into a finish with light intensity bitter orange and citrus.

Finish: Liverpool Gin has a moderate length finish. It’s light in the intensity of the botanicals, with some green juniper and citrus zest hovering in the background over a medium intensity heat. Light astringency, but quite dry.


Liverpool Dry Gin is fairly classic. The hint of citrus draws comparison to both Beefeater and Plymouth, among staples that emphasize a similar those ingredients in a similar way.

It works well behind the bar in any application where you would expect a classic gin. However, I prefer it as a mixing gin than in spirit-forward drinks like the Martini or Arsenic and Old Lace.

It brings a juniper note to the Negroni. It pairs classically well in drinks like the Clover Club, coming close to the flavor profile you might get had you used Plymouth.

It’s a beautiful juniper-forward Gin and Tonic and it brings a pleasant, but not-aggressive pine note to the Gin and Juice.

Overall, Liverpool Gin

A classic, if a little “by the numbers” gin. Fans of classic gin staples will appreciate the simplicity. While well done, I think the important question is if it’s different enough to distinguish itself from its peers that are available at lower price points.

Fans of classic gin will enjoy Liverpool Gin. It’s well done, if not memorable.

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