Leopold’s Gin No. 25

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Santa Catarina, Brazil was the inspiration for the signature botanicals in Leopold’s Gin No. 25. At varying stages of ripening, fruit can have very different aromatic and flavor profiles. Brazilian Mandarins when harvested in early spring, are green and used for their aromatic rinds. When harvested in the warmest days of summer, the fruits are red and have a flavor similar to tangerines.

Leopold Bros. distills the spring and summer oranges separately, and blends them with a barley and potato base gin consisting of botanicals such as white pepper, orris root, rooibos tea and juniper.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Jammy orange citrus and parma violet notes dominate with just the slightest spicy hint of pink peppercorn.

Flavor: Very true to the nose. The palate has lots of jammy tangerine and orange rind notes. Mid-palate the violet note is most intense, with a slight candy character. The florals and citrus fade into a nicely balanced spice led finish. Hints of black tea flavor form the backdrop to a more intense peppecorn, juniper, and spice note.

Finish: Short-to-moderate in length and pleasantly dry with little heat. Herbaceous juniper notes at the edges of the palate on the finish might be the berry’s most prominent moment.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Intensely citrus-forward, Leopold’s Gin No. 25 brings that note to all drinks. It pairs well with tonic water but the citrus and spice note would pair equally as well with a cola. It is a versatile mixed drink gin.

In building a cocktail, it’s best to work with the citrus and floral notes. In a Martini, it is nicely balanced with an olive and a brisk, more bitter Vermouth. The intense botanicals stand up well to a 1:1 Martini or even a Reverse Martini (with more vermouth than gin).

Another place where Leopold’s Gin No. 25 shines in creams or dessert cocktails. Try it in a Clover Club or— if your arm is up for it— a Ramos Gin Fizz.

Overall, Leopold’s Gin No. 25

Fans of floral and citrus contemporary gins will find a lot to like about Leopold’s Gin No. 25. It’s robust, flavorful, and flexible behind the bar.

Some might find it a bit lighter on juniper than they would like.

Overall, this is a great summer sipping gin that works well in nearly all of my favorite summer cocktails. Further, it’s probably my favorite gin that I’ve had from the distillery.

Recommended in its category.


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