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Nearly 60% of the apples grown in the United States are grown in the state of Washington. Highside Distiling Gin’s base spirit is distilled from apples that are fermented and distilled at Highside Distilling.

Dry Fly (apples as a botanical), Spy Hop, Bellewood (apples as base) are among others who have also been inspired by Washington State apples in their gin recipes.

Highside Distilling’s Pacific Northwest inspired gin includes rose, bay and vanilla among its botanicals. The botanicals are vapor infused and Highside distills the gin up to 82% ABV before diluting and bottling.

Tasting Notes

Highside Distilling Gin has a fruit-forward nose. Hints of apple peel, and Bartlett Pear marry with rose/peach overtones and a touch of golden syrup.

The palate is sharper. The apple base spirit has plenty of warmth with a slight harshness. Early, apple cobbler and cinnamon custard segue into bold, punchy juniper. The finish is warm with undertones of cooked apples, bitter orange peel and the slightest hint of vanilla beans.

Despite some of the more contemporary notes surrounding it, the heart of Highside Distilling Gin is that punchy juniper right in the middle. Gin and juniper fans will have no trouble finding their favorite note.


The combination of botanicals and juniper lends itself nicely to being paired with Amaro— I really enjoyed Highside Distilling Gin in both the Negroni and White Negroni.

I also really enjoyed the Martini (olives as garnish), Gibson (onions, yes!) and even how this pairs with olives and brine in a Dirty Gin Martini.

Overall, Highside Distilling Gin

It’s a nice warm pairing of the local, the botanicals and the juniper. Despite reading clearly as a contemporary style gin, Highside Distilling Gin features the juniper prominently. Further, it’s a great cocktail gin that pairs well with bitter co-ingredients.

Recommended in its category. 



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