Herbit Gin Blue Dragon

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Herbit Gins are all distilled from a base of cane sugar, driven by champagne yeast. From that base, botanicals are macerated for 46 hours in silk bags— including some unusual ones like lotus and xiang sha— before being distilled on a 500L pot still. Herbit Gin Blue Dragon is one of three gins in the Herbit Gin lineup.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Vibrant with aromas of spice and dried fruits. Ginger, dried cherry, ginseng root, with some hints of dried apricot and parma violet. Complex with a touch of fresh pine bud being the only strong juniper note here.

Flavor: Suggestions of tropical candy— Lemongrass with touch of marzipan, macadamia nut, dried pineapple and piquant juniper. Later, the herbal citrus takes on more of a fresh makrut lime.

Finish: Dried ginger root, with some earthy, rooty characteristics and a touch of thyme. Bitter citrus and dark, terpey pine. Long finish with earthy, spice at the back of the palate.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Herbit Gin Blue Dragon is a bold and complex gin. In cocktails these complexities come through as well— with a gin and soda you’ll get almost the entire flavor journey; in a gin and tonic with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, you’ll elevate the lemongrass and makrut lime notes.

Further, it works nicely in a Negroni where it’ll boost those ginger and spice notes.

Overall, Herbit Gin Blue Dragon

A complex melange of botanicals that is somewhat unusual among gins; however, they work well together. This gin really doesn’t taste like anything else I’ve had. Herbit Gin Blue Dragon is boldly contemporary, and may be a bit lighter in juniper than some would like.

However, for fans of gins that celebrate local botanical culture and heritage, Herbit Gin Blue Dragon is a well-made contemporary gin that works surprisingly well in a number of classic gin cocktails.


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