Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin

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If you’re a big time English Gin Distillery and you haven’t released a citrus flavored edition— you’ve missed the boat.

Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin comes from the Hayman family and Hayman Gin distillery— they add mandarin, pomelo, kumquat and Persian lime to their core botanical bill.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Vibrant citrus. It’s not only the label that’s orange. Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin shows its classic gin heart on the nose, with bright green juniper in perfect harmony.

Flavor: Orange and lemon early. Coriander and juniper mid-palate. Later, an intense mandarin and lemon note.

Earthy angelica root, herbaceous juniper, and citrus ease into a rich and unctuous note of licorice root

Finish: Licorice root and some lasting bitter orange. Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin leaves a surprisingly rich and thick impression on the palate.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Despite being a citrus flavored gin, Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus has enough juniper to be a versatile mixing gin. It’s good in a gin and tonic, especially with a dry Indian Tonic. It’s even better in a gin and soda where the apparent sweetness and rich citrus flavor can carry the drink.

However, I was most surprised with how well it worked in cocktails. While the orange notes might have been a tad too much for my preferred Negroni, nearly everyone else I talked to enjoyed the pairing. Any citrus-forward gin cocktail is an ideal place to use this gin. Though a Last Word was my personal favorite. The orange pairs beautifully with Green Chartreuse and Maraschino. Highly recommended as a suggested serve.

Overall, Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin

Hayman’s is one of the most consistent brands in the world of gin today. Their Vibrant Citrus line expansion another winner. It’s beautiful and citrus forward, with a fair amount of juniper, coriander, angelica and licorice. In other words— they added citrus while remaining true to their core product.

I love how well it mixes and I also enjoy how it tastes sipped neat or on the rocks.

Some may dislike the intensity of the orange; however, for fans of citrus flavored gins (or vodkas for that matter), the beauty of the signature botanical and the overall balance will win this gin a lot of fans.

Recommended in its category.


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