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Hayman’s Sloe Gin is the first of our Sloe Gin reviews this week that we can say is better known for their gin. Or to say, they even make their own gin. Indeed, the base spirit underlying their Sloe Gin is Hayman’s London Dry Gin. It’s made by steeping sloes and sweetening after the fact, diluted to a ABV of 26%.

Tasting Notes

The color of Hayman’s Sloe Gin is reddish brown, burgandy with the color of a fortified red wine.

The nose is bright ripe berries, strawberry, orange, with some sweetened citrus in the mid-notes, and some spice hints in the lower notes. But as with most sloe gins, the overwhelming olfactory character is ripe, bright fruit.

The palate is bright fruit once again: plum, grilled cherries, tart and sweet. Notes of ruby red grapefruit, leaning towards a touch of citrus on the finish with hints of nutmeg and sugar. Tart, but quasi-dry finish, with a lingering medicinal sweetness. Overall, while on its own it works, I prefer the way that cocktails tend to mute the medicinal notes on the finish, and better highlight the tart, bright sweetness that is available on the initial taste and mid-notes.


First, we tried it Iced with Lime. Cherry, tart, bright. On the finish, sweet, tart lime and a pronounced bright ginger and allspice note. Cherry cobbler, cherry pie- Cherry tends to be a readily available metaphor that I grasp at when drinking Sloe Gins. I feel as if I had been faced with this liqueur on its own [blind], I might have guessed it was either a Sloe Gin or some sort of Cherry spirit. Cherry Heering most readily comes to mind, though I would characterize this Sloe Gin iced as being much more tart, and having less of that black cherry note.

Next up was the Blackthorn, which has quickly become a go-to drink when trying Sloe Gins. Bright sour sloe, amplified with this bitter, earthy lift in the middle. Sharp, acidic and tangy finish with notes of gentian as well. Quite nice, and I again think that Vermouth blends wonderfully with the Sloe gin by adding notes to the flavor profile that Sloe Gin normally does not have.

Finally, we went with a Sloe Gin Fizz. Cherry lemonade again strikes me here. The lemon lift the drink, very bright and very strong, with sugared cherries, plums and peach. Lemon and lime in the middle, tart acidic finish again, a bit sour, but it fades quickly with a nice clean finish. Very refreshing, very sweet, and remarkably easy to drink.

Overall, Hayman’s Sloe Gin

Neat, the sweet fruit flavors were bright, but perhaps a touch sweeter than I would have liked veering into the medicinal taste profile. Very nice in cocktails, very refreshing, and good in everything we tried it in. This is a Sloe Gin that does its best work when mixed, and because of this its a worthy addition to any bar.

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