Harahorn White Lemon Gin

Flavor Profile

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Harahorn’s White Lemon Gin adds three citrus to their base Harahorn Gin— lemon lime and orange.

Tasting notes

Color: Clear and transparent

Aroma: Heavy citrus and slightly sour— lemon, angelica, and slightly medicinal rhubarb with some cinnamon red hot notes sitting above it. The more I let it sit, the more I get some of the spicy cinnamon notes.

Flavor: Slightly spicier than the “white lemon” name might otherwise indicate. Sweet cinnamon at first, with some hints of ginger and sour fruit segues into a heart of spices oranges.

The finish is all about the spice though, with cinnamon, cardamom pod and candy red hots dominating throughout.

Finish: Long and moderately astringent with a hint of orris and piquant spice. Fairly hot.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Try Harahorn’s White Lemon Gin in applications that will moderate and balance some of the underlying spice. Try it in a Negroni or Martinez.

Fresh citrus will also help bring some of its citrus notes out a bit more strongly. Try it in a Tom Collins or Southside.

Overall, Harahorn White Lemon Gin

Far from the citrus-forward gin you might expect, Harahorn White Lemon Gin instead balances citrus with heady spice. I’d love a bit more juniper here, or a dominant flavor profile closer aligned with the gin’s name. However, overall it’s a solid spice forward gin with some beautiful cardamom and citrus notes that will find fans among those that like that flavor profile.

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