Green Hat Gin

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Green Hat Gin is a grain-to-glass gin distilled at New Columbia Distillers’ distillery in the outskirts of Washington D.C.

Beginning from a base spirit distilled from soft winter wheat in a traditional copper pot still. Botanicals are imparted through vapor infusion. New Columbia Distillers suspend the botanicals in a basket, and is also chill filtered.

And if all you wanted to know about was the “green hat,” the Green Hat Gin website has the story. The TL;DR is, that the very people who made the U.S. prohibition laws were staying anything but dry— buying gin from a man in a Green Hat throughout the 1920’s.

In 2013, we originally reviewed batch 5; the revision was done tasting Green Hat Gin batch 127.

Tasting Notes

Illustrious citrus and light floral notes on the nose— orange, lime and citron zest— Green Hat Gin has a pleasant dose of pine, fennel seed and coriander. Bright invocations of linalool. The nose is as pleasant and balanced as it is distinctive.

The palate is zippy with a bit more spice. Citrus cast a wide net. There’s a taste of sweet ruby red grapefruit, dashed with pepper and cassia. It’s finish becomes a bit more of a melange with menthol-kissed notes of sage and rosemary— juniper is part of this accord as well— along with notes of celery and zesty pepper on the tail.

Green Hat Gin’s finish is moderate in length, with a cooling warmth. It’s hard to pick out specific notes here as like a good perfume, the botanicals combine into something bigger and more cohesive. Really lovely stuff.


As for contemporary style gin in cocktails, I find Green Hat to be one of the most versatile. I love it in a Martini— wet or dry. It’s great in a Gin and Tonic and makes a nicely balanced Negroni as well.

Green Hat Gin is one of those gins that can be a top shelf workhorse in your bar program. I love the way the oily citrus brings life to citrus cocktails like The Gimlet and Tom Collins. Or even further into the bag of tricks with something like a Bronx Cocktail

It’s as at home with floral counterpoints as well— Aresenic and Old Lace and the Clover Club warrant mentions— but the point here is that Green Hat Gin is versatile.


Of contemporary American distilled gins, New Columbia Distillers’ flagship gin is a go-to. It’s one of the most distinctive modern takes on gin. While classic gin aficionados won’t find enough front-and-center juniper to make it their go-to tipple, others who with palates for the contemporary style would be well recommended to check out Green Hat Gin if they haven’t already,

Highly recommended in both its category and overall.