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Friends and fellow wine-makers Ginny, Rob, Amy, and Jeff got together to produce a gin that marries their love of wine country, wines, and gin. Names for Ginny, Ginny’s Gin says right on the front of the bottle, “distilled from grapes and grain.” The story of the gin begins with the marriage of the two and goes from there.

The botanical blend doesn’t pull a lot of surprises. Sage and Lemongrass may the most unusual botanicals in Ginny’s Gin. In order to get the most out of their botanicals, they crack the coriander and juniper cones and macerate it in their grape/grain base for one day. The other botanicals are added via distillation through vapor.

Tasting Notes

Ginny’s Gin begins with a sage and juniper nose that is classically pine-forward. But citrus underneath lends it notes of grapefruit pith with a distinctive cubeb spice. It’s a rather quiet nose that waits for you to come up close and get a closer look. Although a bit shy aromatically, the aroma is inviting and nicely balanced.

The attention to the quality of the base spirit is high. It has a pleasant viscosity and moderate oiliness. It’s smooth on the palate with a refreshing warmth on the back of the palate. Although there is a hint of grape character here, the base is not the focal point for the palate, the botanicals are.

Ginny’s Gin has a nice bouquet of spice-forward aromatics. Citrus notes come on early. Juniper is present and herbaceous becoming a bit more terpey late. Coriander and grains of paradise early segue into a bit more cubeb as it fades towards the back of the throat. There’s a slightly sweet citrus note towards the finish that has a lime zest and makrut lime leaf character that touches on a gentle grape spirit sweetness.

The finish is long, gently warm and complex with spice, juniper and citrus notes still hanging around.

The botanicals though across the whole presentation are nicely integrated with one another. They work together in harmony— it can be hard to pick them out individually at times. I diluted it a bit with ice water down to about 30% ABV and got sweet cinnamon spice cake, lemon and the bright top notes of fresh cascade hops.


Ginny’s Gin is also a really intriguing mixing gin. It has it’s own unique character that is just slightly on the contemporary side of things, but has a rather classic presentation mixed. I love the 45% ABV, and it’s just perfect in a Martini garnished with an olive. But I also love how it works as easily in a Gin and Tonic. Mixed with Yuzu Tonic Water, it has a rich and pleasant mouthfeel with notes of juniper, lime and coriander with a slight lemony lift at the finish.

I highly recommend Ginny’s Gin in a Negroni.

Overall, Ginny’s Gin

Certainly in this modern gin renaissance there have been missteps by those who don’t have a long experience in distilling and gin. And there’s been missteps by those looking to feature their base spirit and end up overwhelming the botanicals. But if you held those convictions coming into this— cast them aside. Ginny’s Gin has a well integrated palate and uses their choice of base spirit strategically.

The mouthfeel of Ginny’s Gin is delightful. The botanicals are tightly integrated and nicely balanced. Overall, I’m really impressed.

Highly Recommended in its category.





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