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Majorca, part of Spain’s Balearic Islands sits in the Mediterranean sea about halfway between Spain and Algeria. Its climate is ideal for growing olives. Specifically, La Mallorquina a close relative of the Empeltre— a common table and oil olive. Also the olive that Gin Eva La Mallorquina pays homage to.

In short, the olives are extremely cold sensitive and therefore the only place in Spain with a suitable climate is Majorca. The olives are prized for their fruity, sweet oil content, absent of the bitterness of other oil varieties. The olives in Gin Eva Olive are macerated for several weeks in spirit before undergoing a final distillation.

Tasting Notes

Gin Eva Olive almost entices with a delicately citrusy nose— suggestive of tangelo and lemon, fresh pine blossoms, all set to a backdrop of olive brine.

The palate is rather big. Sweetly gin like coriander comes on early, with the brightness of the olives quite striking. It could even be the olives adding some of that citrus note. La Mallorquina olives seem to impart this fruitiness that I was not expecting.

The olives are green and juicy. Gin Eva Olive is bright with punchy, tight pine-forward juniper, which especially hovers on the finish.

The botanicals in Gin Eva La Mallorquina add texture, but still allow the olives to be the star. It’s really quite nice.

Pleasant warmth on a moderately long finish. The spirit has a subtle, gentle oiliness to it as well.


Seemingly custom designed for a Martini or Gibson— Gin Eva Olive does not disappoint with a smooth, and inviting juniper-forward flavor. Don’t overdo the olives though. If you decide to go for a Dirty Martini you risk overpowering the subtle olive flavor.

Although we don’t normally pair olive with our Gin and Tonics, the slight vegetal note is quite welcome and complementary— especially with grapefruit.

Overall, Gin Eva La Mallorquina

While other gins have dabbled in olive, like Gin Mare, Gin Eva Olive celebrates it and puts it at the fore while still retaining a lot of classic gin profile. Fans of the former, and fans of classic gin alike will find that Gin Eva Olive is a delicious gin. And a must try for Martini fans.



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