Gibson’s Gin

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Gibson’s gin is among the most popular gins in a couple of places not necessarily known for their gin drinking. Readily available in Sweden and France, Gibson’s Gin is something of a rarity in its home range of the United Kingdom.

And of course, on shelves chock full of (now!) hundreds of gin, it can be hard for an inexpensive, and not particularly special looking gin to stand out. However, for all of the times I reach for an inexpensive gin and find that you can judge a book by its cover, I sometimes find a gin like Gibson’s, that is worth well more than what you’re paying for it. In fact, It might downright be one of the best bargains in all of gin.

Tasting Notes

Classic on the nose with a hint of baking spice rounding things out, Angelica, juniper, and wet pine chiefly, lending it a very classic and well-rounded nose that certainly screams gin if any nose ever has.

On the palate, dewy juniper berry, with a resinous, full bodied edge, and then arid, parched coriander seed with a cinnamon/cassia bark tinge. The baking spices notes carry the silvery juniper through the finish with a creamy, buttery texture and a splash of orange and lemon zest. Gentle warmth on the finish, becoming mostly juniper, at a medium length. Really, quite nice overall.


Lovely in a Gin and Tonic, it’s probably a bit too subtle to be a good Martini or Negroni candidate as far as my tastes go; however I’m rarely a fan of a gin at the 37.5% ABV as I think its often too weak to stand up to serious cocktail-craft. But that aside, it won’t be the flavor that holds it back. Au contraire!


The flavor is quite nice, well balanced, and for this price point, Gibson’s Gin is a versatile classic gin that I think is worth a closer look, whether in its home land or beyond. Recommended at its price point.