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We were quite big fans of Atelier Vie’s Euphrosine #9 Barrel Finished Reserve Gin, so it stands that we’re also excited to see how Euphrosine Gin #9 stands on its own. Again, not much is mentioned about the internals of the gin. We know there’s nine botanicals, two of which are bay and juniper. The gin visually trades on the reputation of New Orleans, replete with fleur-de-lis, but the spirit itself is steeped more deeply in the gin tradition of London. Let’s look a little closer:

Tasting Notes

Juniper clear and present on the nose, there’s a menthol tinged note that does indeed summon visions of bay laurel, but also hints of rosemary, and “green” garden herbs in general. Lemon zest rounds out the nose. Euphrosine Gin #9 is fresh and herbaceous with a heavy emphasis on the juniper note. The herbs do a nice job of complementing and amplifying some of the herbaceous tinge inherent in juniper and brings them to the fore. I really like the nose on this one. The herbal notes open up further as the spirit sits, but it’s not quite as herbal as one like Gin Mare.

Resinous juniper notes first, lavender then a hefty dose of coriander. This is where that herbs de Provence note that underpins both of their gins comes through again with a surprising hint of cucumber, before leaning on a thick rosemary note that lingers. The finish is medium length. There’s a pleasant bit of warmth and Euphrosine Gin #9 overall is commendable and smooth. It’s quite drinkable on its own; with a really pleasant balance. It’s a relatively loud gin, but I think the way the notes unfold helps keep everything in line.


As for mixing, Euphrosine Gin #9 makes a really wonderful Martini. Try it 7:1 with a dash of citrus bitters and a twist. I mean, it may not be canon, but I think it really exemplifies some of Euphrosine #9’s best qualities. The Gin and Tonic is good, but reads as a bit ordinary. I liked how it combined with citrus though as well, trying it in a Gimlet. Perhaps I might be too literal, but let me recommend for a real taste of New Orleans how about a Euphrosine #9 Ramos Gin Fizz? Overall, it’s a good mixing gin with a profile that stands up in cocktails, and also works well on its own. I really like this gin and think that it’s worth going out of your way for, and has to be a must try next time you’re in New Orleans.


Herb forward and contemporary, Atelier Vie’s flagship gin is a strong mixer with the right amount of sophistication and balance to be sipped on its own. There’s plenty of juniper here, along with lavender and rosemary notes, brought into balance with coriander and citrus, to be a welcome addition to every gin lover’s gin cabinet.


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  1. Gave this a thorough taste comparison with the barrel aged version in NOLA last week. Preferred the aged one for flavour. The standard one reminds me very much of a slightly stronger Adnams Copper House, as they are very alike to the taste. I’m back in the UK now and giving myself a little kick for not bringing sone back!