Doire JQK Gin (“The Flush”)

Flavor Profile

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Doire Distilling’s rotating line of gins are named for hands of cards. JQK (Jack, Queen, King) gins is also called “The Flush Gin.”

Like their other gins, JQK Gin is distilled from a base of cane on a 125 gallon pot still in Derry, New Hampshire. This one features both sweet and bitter orange, along with coriander and juniper.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Slightly sweet, with orange oil, cane spirit and hints of petrichor. Slightly mineral with hints of wet stone.

Flavor: Coriander early. Surprisingly sweet and juicy with an intense, candied citrus and candied lemon notes. There’s a touch of juniper present. Mid-to-late palate, evergreen and citrus ease into more literal notes of orange candy with a slate and mineral after taste.


Bartenders can play up the citrus notes that are there in the middle of JQK Gin to make accessible, somewhat sweet cocktails.

It’s a natural fit for mixed drinks like a Gin and Tonic or a Gin and Coke.

Mixed, I find that the overall presentations is nicely balanced in complex cocktails like Negronis; however, the juniper is likely to get masked.

Overall, JQK Gin

With a nice citrus-forward heart, JQK Gin is on trend in terms of botanicals. Overall, it’s a good mixing gin. Fans of classic style gins may be disappointed in the lack of juniper.



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