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D.C. Gin is about team work, making the dream work. ‘

It is a combination of distillates from five different distilleries in Washington D.C.

Includes are One Eight Distilling, makers of Ivy City Gin, Untitled #1 Gin, and Untitled #2 Gin.

And New Columbia Distillers, distillers of Green Hat Gin and Navy Strength, Green Hat Summer Gin, and their gin/aquavit hybrid Ginavit.

Also included in D.C. Gin are distillates from District Distilling, Jos A. Magnus and Co., and Republic Restoratives.

Tasting Notes

The nose alight with a lot of different aromas. There’s some citrus, there’s some floral and there’s some herbs. D.C. Gin has a nose that smells like there might be five different things going on.

The herbal component has some thyme with hints of celery. The floral component has hints of honeysuckle and mangolia flowers. And then there’s a hint of lime in the background too.

D.C. Gin begins with some floral hints, before sweet orange and lime comes up right after. Sweet citrus notes give way to some herbal notes at the back of the palate. I’m getting primarily tarragon and thyme, but truly there is so much going on here.

The finish is primarily herbal, with notes of thyme hovering. Medium length, D.C. Gin Batch 1 finishes dry and crisp.


The herbal flashes in D.C. Gin lend itself nicely to a Gin and Tonic, and Southside Cocktail. Fans of Martinis will also likely really enjoy the way that the herbs and citrus marry to the herbs and bitters of a Dry Vermouth.

D.C. Gin is a complex mixing gin. It’s bold flavors come to the fore readily, and moreover it defies typical categorization. Bartenders who want to make cocktails with this gin are best advised to treat it as a one off and design specifically for it. It’s an herb/citrus/floral forward contemporary gin. With very little juniper to speak of.


D.C. Gin is a complex, at times cacophonous, and other times fascinating gin. There are a lot of bold perspectives in here that are sometimes playing well together. But other times clashing.


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