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“Oh, bring us some figgy pudding; Oh, bring us some figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer!,” goes the famous Christmas carol. Foreign to most Americans, Figgy Pudding is a staple of British Christmas. The Jersey City Distillery, creators of the Corgi Spirits line of gins, including Very Merry Gin, are heavily influenced by their love of British culture.

Corgi Spirits Very Merry Gin’s botanical bill is inspired by figgy pudding. Botanicals like figs, currants, and vanilla are included alongside classic juniper for an inspired holiday time gin.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Delightfully spiced. Baking spices abound, with cinnamon, anise cookie and hints of gingerbread. Very cozy.

Flavor: Hints of clove and orange segue into a hearty, warming cinnamon heart. Resinous juniper adds some pine tree to the festivities; however, the back half is warming holiday fruit and spice. Cloves, stewed quince, raisin, and allspice.

Finish: Rather long with warming cinnamon and cloves glow.


Very Merry Gin is a warming, rather spice-forward gin. It is best treated as a specialty gin behind the bar. Try it in a Hot Toddy or paired with unctuous citrus in a Pegu Club Cocktail. For mixed drinks try it in a Gin and Cola instead of a Gin and Tonic.

The spice forward perspective is less successful when paired with some ingredients. Lime juice and mint are two that I don’t recommend pairing Very Merry Gin with.

When treated as a specialty gin, it is a great cocktail gin. It’s just not an all-around replacement for your house pour.

Overall, Very Merry Gin

Fans of contemporary-style, especially spice-forward gin will love the beautiful cinnamon and spice notes throughout the nose and palate. Juniper is present, but it may be too much a member of the supporting case as opposed to a lead for some.

Very Merry Gin is a delicious warming tipple that ideal for the season. If you think clear spirits season doesn’t begin until April— try again.

Recommended in its flavor category. 




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